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    Naked and Jeweled

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    The human body is a beautiful work of art. Especially the female! If you are looking to surprise your man with a night of passion, try adorning yourself with jewelery instead of your old flannel pajamas to get things started. Imagine your man coming home to you only to find you completely in the nude wearing only a rhinestone choker, perhaps a belly chain, sparkling earrings and a few bangles. You would look like a work of art, and an open invitation to dive in.

    This idea may seem a little drag-queenish but there is nothing wrong with dressing for the occasion once in a while. Most of us DON'T live the stripper lifestyle where this idea would be considered one of everyday importance. But think about why, for example, exotic dancers where so many rhinestones. Because it is alluring and makes your body sparkle. So be your own exotic body for your man in the privacy of your own home.

    Of course, you don't have to wear rhinestones. You can dress your body up with pearls and other gems. You can use anything that sparkles. And try to go overboard with it too. Wear a choker, earrings, bracelets, belly ring or chain, etc. Stay away from brooches, though, unless you want more than one poke.

    When your man comes home, completely surprise him by being prepared, unclothed, jeweled up and in the bedroom lying on the bed. Only have a dim light on so that he can still clearly see you and the sparkles you are radiating. No man could resist!

    We think this idea is a HELL of a lot better than wrapping yourself up in plastic wrap as a sexy surprise.

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