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You Are About to Become A Dating Success Story
The days of dating misery will soon be over!

Just follow the easy to learn secrets to becoming irresistible, attracting many women, seducing women, flirting with women and attracting and keeping the woman you always wanted.

Yes, these secrets work even for those with below average looks and money. In fact, it is the dating success stories from below average looking men and below average financially successful men that is the source to the best secrets to dating.


I could go on and on about all the mistakes you are probably doing or how the fear of rejection prevents you from acting out on your desires or how nervous you get around beautiful women or how you always end up with women that you do not desire.

Instead, let's focus on achieving your goals. It could be you want to date lots of women, you want to seduce women, you want to attract your desired type of women or you want to hold on to your desired woman.

You are fortunate to be reading this, because now you can meet your goals with the package of guides we assembled . We assembled an amazing package of books written by different authors whose an expert in their own field to help you reach your goals through dating.

The value of the knowledge you will gain from these books is as they say "priceless". You will be absolutely thrilled with the results. Your new and improved dating life will begin shortly. Read further to find out how your dating life will blossom.

Advice Diva

What is it about some men that find dates so easily?
And keep them!

It is time to stop being so jealous and start taking advantage of the secrets they know so you can enjoy the experiences of dating and to eventually find the one you love.

You will be relieved to find that these fool-proof secrets do not rely on gimmicks or unscrupulous tricks. It simply takes honorable and reasonable means to discover love and holding on to it.

Some of you may be good at finding dates but lousy at getting subsequent ones. What is it that you are doing wrong? A few simple adjustments, understanding and know-how will give you the upper hand and let you determine your fate and goals.

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Typical Goals To Dating
Date lots of women
Seduce women
Attract your desired type of women
Hold on to your desired woman.

You won't find a more all-around set of dating help books on the net

Any of the above goals will be rewarding. The problem is you won't find a book that covers all of the above goals effectively. However, you can cover all of these goals through multiple books written by different experts. And that is what we put together.

Each book covers a specialized topic. For example :

  • One book teaches you what women really want.
  • One book teaches you how to get women to date you.
  • One book teaches you how to take advantage of online dating.
  • One book teaches you about preferred and desirable dating behavior.
  • One book teaches you some erotic techniques that works everytime.
  • One book teaches you some romantic ideas that enhances your dates.
  • One book teaches you how to be more confident.
  • One book teaches you how to find and keep the right person.
Each book is integral to complete a transformation from a dating loser to a dating star. It is time you change your life by gaining the skills and knowledge that will bring you ultimate happiness.

Here are some details of each book included in the dating help for men package :

What Women Really Want
Learn all about women by a woman - me. You will learn about the different types of women and what you can expect from each of them, what they expect from you, what they like and everything else you should know.
The Dating Doctrine
This book was definitely written by a man. This is the book in this package that most men will drool over. It tells you all the priceless secrets that will make you into a woman magnet. Women/girls will want to date you, call you, be with you, hold you, and sleep with you.

This is the book that will allow you to develop winning techniques to take your dating life to desirable unchartered territory. You will pass every test and criteria your date throws upon you.
Power Of Online Dating
This book is like two books in one. Not only does it go over everything you need to know about online dating, it also goes over dating rules, approaching women, dating techniques, the laws of attraction, conversations with email, IM, and phone and a lot more. You will find a lot of important tips and strategies not covered in The Dating Doctrine.
Divine Secrets Of The Dating Game
The book ingrains honorable and effective dating behavior that women prefer. Avoid the turnoffs and reinforce the desirable conduct. At minimum, please follow the advice from this book.
101 Romantic Ideas
As the title suggest, you will get 101 romantic ideas that will soon be part of you repertoire. If you are in love then being romantic makes it all the better.
Maximum Seduction Manual - Get Laid in One Day or Less
If this is your goal then this book is a must. Learn from the expert and leave little to chance. You will learn all the skills in the art of sex and seduction. Become a master of attitude and technique and your goals will be realized.
The Secrets to Having Great Sex
Practical guide to having a great sex life even in long term relationships. It covers a man's and women's needs and all aspects of healthy and interesting sex.
Healthy Dating and Relationships
This book covers healthy dating advice to promote a long lasting relationship. You won't find any gimmicks or tricks here. Just sound guidance.
Finding and Keeping The Right Person
This book focuses on finding and solidifying the relationship with the one you love. The Dating Doctrine and The Power of Online Dating may help you get many dates, however, you will eventually go on enough dates to realize you found the one you love and no longer wish to be in the dating scene. Now you want to make sure you know what to do and how to keep the new found true love.
Online Dating Bliss
This is a second book on online dating. However this one is written for men and women and is more thorough than the other. Online dating has become very convenient and sometimes necessary in dating. A good understanding of it will give you the advantage to getting the most desired partner for you.
How to Appear Confident
Although this is not a dating book it will help out a great deal. Some of the books included in this package express how confidence is so important that we felt it was necessary to include a book that exclusively deals with it. Not only will it help you with dating but also your career and life in general.

What do you think?
We told you it will be a great package.  

Compare Our Package to Other Leading Dating Books :
Book 1 - How To Become An Alpha Male
Book 2 - Guy Gets Girl
Book 3 - Bullet Proof Seduction Programs

Need more details? Below is a small sample of what is inside these books.

Here is very tiny sample of tips you will learn in just two of the books.
    Learn how to do away with self defeating thinking like "She is too beautiful for me" or "I am out of her league"
    Learn how to create a psychological temperament that makes any woman who may like you to instead chase you.
    Learn a step by step procedure on what to do with your first encounters with a woman.
    Learn what quality women of all ages or race look for in men they date.
    Learn about and see examples of online dating profiles that will get women literally leaping to contact you ahead of every one else. Avoid writing the same uninteresting profile women find uninspiring.
    Learn how to write email that will successfully get you a first date.
    Learn how to quickly get a woman's phone number when using using instant chat services through online dating.
    Learn how to date multiple women at the same time.
    Learn where the best places are to find the type of woman you are looking for.
    Learn how to not get caught in a "rebound" relationship.
    Learn how to read body language signals so you know how much a woman is interested in you.
    Learn how to send body language signals to your date to maximize their interest.
    Learn whether living together is right for you before you make that huge leap of commitment.
    Learn all important honorable qualities you need to find an keep your future lover.
    Learn how to keep your relationship fun and energized.
    Learn how to avoid hearing those four famous words : "let's just be friends".
    Learn about the multiple tests that women put men through and learn how to prepare and pass them.

You are just one small step from living the better life.

Say goodbye to your fears and failures and say hello to confidence and success!

is ONLY $28.95

You won't find a better package and deal




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