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    Love Coupons

    Love coupons are a great way for you to show your man or woman how much you love him/her! What are love coupons? They are coupons which you create and give to your lover. An example of a romantic love coupon would be for a one hour back massage that he/she can cash in at any time! You create the coupons and give them to your beloved. You can make them for whatever you like and especially for whatever you think he/she would like! For example, if there is something he/she likes to do which you complain about having to do with him/her, write a coupon saying that when this coupon is cashed in, you will do this deed (which you don't like doing) without complaint! It could be anything for a social event such as square dancing to some sex act which you really dislike. Giggle!

    These coupons make a great gift for anyone. They are perfect home made gift for Valentine's Day and birthdays. The best way to do it is to create a whole bunch of coupons! You can design them yourself on your computer or with crayons and construction paper! Make as many as you can think of and then tie them up with a little ribbon as a gift. Home made gifts made by you are sometimes the most thoughtful gifts a person can receive! And they are cheap! There is one rule, however, you must abide by when giving love coupons. And that is, no reneging! If your lover tries to cash one in and you are too tired, that will ruin the whole effect. So make sure these coupons include things which you can do and are willing to do. If a coupons is presented to you for redemption, you best get up and take care of it with a smile!

    For the brand new relationship, I would suggest some sexy hot love coupons! You know,a coupon good for oral sex or one good for a quickie during lunch. Things like that! A great resource for steamy love coupons would be Hot Romance Coupons. This is a great little website which has a giant source of hot sexy love coupons already created. You can just download them to your computer and print them out! Because they are premade, you know they look like quality love coupons and if you are not too artistic with making them yourself, take advantage of one which are already made for you.

    Some ideas for romantic love coupons would be back rubs, foot rubs, sex, flattering, romance, dinner, breakfast in bed, forgiveness, kisses, hugs, cuddling, etc. etc. I am sure you could think of a bunch more!

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