How I Saved My Marriage

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  • My Story - How I Saved My Marriage


    My husband's involvement and attraction towards me was fading away. It was only a matter a time before he would ask for a divorce. Even though I knew it would happen soon I was in a state of shock when the moment finally arrived.

    I did what I could to cope with it all. I derived a “what's wrong with us” list. Then followed it up with a “how to improve” list. I gone through episodes where I pleaded with my husband, tried to talk him out of it, cried while bluntly begging and other usual responses and tactics from someone who doesn't want a divorce. We tried counseling without success. In desperation, I suggested a trial separation hoping that he misses me and things would go back to normal.

    None of it worked because he didn’t care to save the marriage at all.

    It finally came to the recognition that I wasn't in the soundest cognitive state to find solutions to save my marriage. My usual rational judgment was corrupted with fierce emotions which led me to making things worse. In a state of desperation I was truly trying to come up with a quick fix instead of a lasting solution.

    Yes, I now wished I didn't go through all the apologizing, begging and crying. My new composed mentality was my first step in the right direction. Luckily at the same time I came across a website that help me beyond belief. It easily guided me to successfully keep my marriage with my husband. After seeing my husband not at all interested in staying together I am sometimes in disbelief it worked. I have a lot to thank for now, but ultimately the thanks goes to the book I read.

    Click here to see what worked to save my marriage.

    Hope is on your side,
    Sarah Brisden