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    Unique Dates

    Even when you are married you still need to come up with some unique and special dates for your loved one. When you stop making things special, the relationship can become dry and boring. You stop learning about each other. No matter how long you have been together, you should make an effort to create some special and unique dates for you and your loved one. Your dates don't have to be the most fantastic and they don't have to be the most costly either. They just have to be a little bit random to spice up your loved life once in a while. For example, when was the last time you and your lover went to a mini golf course? When was the last time you went to an ice cream stand? When was the last time you opened a bottle of white wine at a picnic for two?

    I came up with a short list of some romantic dates for two listed on my romantic dates page which you are free o look through. I listed several dates sorted by financial means. There are ten cheap dates, ten medium dates, and ten expensive dates. These are just ideas too, you can use them and vary them up a bit. It is encouraged for you to make a date uniquely your own. When you are a married couple, a particularly nice touch is to have a favorite spot, like a restaurant or scenic view, that you can go to as often as you like. This will make the spot all the more romantic and special for just the two of you. You can dub it your love spot.

    300datesA great source for hundreds of date ideas is Michael Webb's 300 Creative Dates. Mr. Webb is a leading authority on being romantic and is considered the web's most romantic man! He listed 300 of the most creative and romantic dates for you to gather some insight on how to make a date romantic and unique. This is a great source for the man (or woman) who just doesn't really have a romantic bone in his or her body. Or perhaps you are just too nervous to make a date idea selection on your own and you want an authoritative back up. Meaning, you want someone to supply you with an idea which has been time tested and date approved. If you want to bring that romance back into your marriage, try these date ideas on Michael's page.

    Please remember that trying your best to make a date a little more special, a little more romantic and a little more unique will shine in your lover's eyes. It doesn't have to be perfect or absolutely wondrous, it is seriously the thought that counts and I don't mean to sound co cliché. But when you try to do something different for your lover, that lover is going to be absolutely thrilled. What will happen is exactly what you will want to happen. Your lover will end up bragging to everyone what you did and how you did it. It feels so good to have something special done for you that you want the whole world to know about it. You will make him/her feel special and loved and it will just give your relationship a shot of marriage expresso. Both of you will end up feeling good about yourselves. This is why trying to make a date special and unique is very important to the basics of the marriage or relationship. It keeps people happy.

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