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    How I Saved My Marriage
    My Story

    My husband's involvement and attraction towards me was fading away. It was only a matter a time before he would ask for a divorce. Even though I knew it would happen soon I was in a state of shock when the moment finally arrived.

    I did what I could to cope with it all. I derived a �what's wrong with us� list. Then followed it up with a �how to improve� list. I gone through episodes where I pleaded with my husband, tried to talk him out of it, cried while bluntly begging and other usual responses and tactics from someone who doesn't want a divorce. We tried counseling without success. In desperation, I suggested a trial separation hoping that he misses me and things would go back to normal.

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    The Anatomy of An Affair

    Why on earth would your loving man or woman cheat with someone else when he or she knows that you are right there waiting at home. Well, believe it or not, there are reasons that make the most loved spouse in the world cheat on his or her partner even when things are great at home. Sometimes it is the other way around and things are truly not that wonderful at home. Whatever the situation may be, there are usually fundamental reasons why your partner is cheating and there are also things you can do to make him or her faithful.

    First you must try to understand why he is cheating. The main cause for cheating is simply because he or she wants to be loved. If you and your spouse are constantly fighting, where and when is your loved one ever going to feel loved? To feel loved is a desire held by everyone. Think about it, if he or she is not getting that love from you your spouse will look for it elsewhere. Everyone wants to feel good about themselves and they want to be around someone that makes them feel that way. If you are constantly fighting, you are making your spouse feel badly about him or herself. Hence, he or she is running to someone that makes them feel loved, special and good about him or herself. It is as simple as that. In a very simplified solution, take the time to acknowledge the good things that your mate does or says and praise him or her. Do special things for your lover and tell him or her how much you love them. Stop the nagging, insulting and fighting, it gets you nowhere. It won't happen immediately, but once you bring love back into the relationship, your lover will cease to wander. He or she will get love right at home.

    anatomyThere are many books which can help you prepare to deal with an affair, help you understand and affair and how you can prevent them from happening. We feel that the best book in this department would be The Anatomy of an Affair which you can download and read right now. This ebook help you understand why your spouse is having (or has had) an affair in every different type of situation. It helps you to examine the facts and help you feel better inside as a person. Remember, an affair is not always about sex. The best part about this book is that it helps guide you through ending his or her affair and helps to prevent him or her from having another affair in the future. In essence, it is a relationship guide at its best! We at AdviceDiva.Com highly recommend it.

    Another important issue I feel I should mention is the art of airing your dirty laundry. It makes the entire infidelity problem a whole lot stickier. If you find out for certain that your significant other has been cheating, one of the worst things you can to is sob to everyone you know. This is something which needs to be kept quiet. There is no need to tell everyone. What happens when you do this is you make a problem which could be resolved much more difficult to do so. All of you friends and family will despise your significant other making things much worse. They will isolate him or her, and your lover won't want to be around them because of the shame. If no one else knows about the affair, you will be able to recover this relationship much faster.