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    Many Lives, Many Masters Review

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    Many Lives, Many Masters is one of those profound books which once you've read you have the desire to tell everyone you know about it. It is a "make you feel good" kind of book. It is a small book and an easy read, I picked it up and read it in a day. It was so enjoyable I couldn't put it down. I was so thankful this book had been chosen because it was something I needed to read. I think most people could use this book, it makes one feel so at peace with life.

    One topic I loved about Many Lives, Many Masters was the premise that you are born and reborn with the same people over and over again. They are the same souls, just in different bodies, sometimes they are men and sometimes women. In one of the patient's past life, she was holding the hand of her niece who was in fact her daughter in her present life. This made me think about my sister and her daughter, am I reborn with them over and over again? I would love to think so! Maybe my niece has been my daughter in a past life, or even my own mother!

    A major theme presented in Many Lives, Many Masters is that you are born each time with a new lesson to be learned in this particular life. If it is learned, you move on to a new life and a new lesson. Once you have learned your lesson, you move on. If you are unable to learn that lesson, you must repeat it. All of the wrong you have done anyone in your current life follows you into your next life in karma. You must work to repay your debts to people or you will accrue this bad karma in each life and keep accruing personal debt. This feeling left me a bit queasy. Should I start keeping a list of everyone I have done wrong and work towards making it up to them? Also, what on earth could be my lesson to learn in this life? If I knew what it was, maybe I could learn it a little bit faster.

    In Many Lives, Many Masters you are taught that you are born and reborn over and over, learning lessons as you go along. Once you have learned all of the lessons to be taught, you move on to another plane of existence to learn more lessons. There were several planes of existence and in each one, plenty of lives to be lived. One reader contemplated where each of was in our level of learning. How many lives have we had and how many more will we have, are we higher up on the learning curve or lower? There is no real way of telling.

    I think many people in this world feel very alone, especially atheists. They are afraid of death, afraid that they will merely turn into ashes and there will be nothing more. This book gives hope, even to the nonbelievers which is what makes this book so great. For people that lack in hope or who have suffered a traumatic loss in their life, this book should be highly recommended. I would suggest giving this book to anyone who has recently lost a child or loved one. This is a book which I will lend out over and over again, it is an absolute must read.

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