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    Kudos to the Nice Guys
    by Diva Rebecca


    I would like to take the time to thank all of the nice guys in the world who, in their selfless acts of humility and bravery, subject themselves to becoming the human doormat for the emotional and personal baggage of societal women. Nice guys take on a thankless and always underestimated job, yet they are needed in countless ways, used and exploited by every woman I know, whether it is on purpose or not. And when nice guys only want the one thing which eludes them time and time again, they continue to truly care for their women in distress and refrain from pressing any issue, never revealing their true desires.

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    The nice guys are the ones who go to the opera with us, when no one else would. They go shopping with us and help us pick out new clothes, which we wear only to pick up other guys in. They provide the soggy shoulder upon which we cry, never complaining about the runny nose stains left on the sleeves, and never taking advantage of your heart broken emotional state by trying to use it to their advantage. These are the guys who happily attend your pity parties and bring the two bottles of wine. They are the ones who are quick to tell you how beautiful, sexy, smart and intelligent you are, and they are the ones who make you laugh when you never thought you would laugh again. They are the ones by which you are able to push yourself back up into the world, by standing on their backs. We feel better about ourselves, because the nice guys had the courage and emotional strength to give us what we needed without telling us what they wanted, and then they quickly look away once we have moved on, instead of screaming for us to stay.

    The nice guys are the ones who dont judge us, even when we are dating Joe Jerk. They are the guys who will help carry our drunken stupor bodies home before we make too much of an ass out of ourselves in a public place. They are the ones who can meet you at any hour of the night when you just need someone to talk to. They are the ones who save you even when you dont realize you need to be saved. The nice guys replace the best girlfriend, because they can give you a male prospective about any situation, yet they still only give you what you want and need to hear. The nice guys are the ones who will still love us, even when no one else does.

    Quietly, the nice guys wonder how you could ever date Joe Jerk. They wonder how you could tolerate the terrible treatment from a guy who cares more about his car, money, muscles or hair gel than making you smile. Yet you pass up the nice guy, the one who has been your true friend and confidante, and continue to ogle over the man whose entire life existence revolves around his own ego. He wonders about it, but never passes over to the dark side of dating. He never reverts to his Neanderthal cousins (Joe Jerks) method of dating by treating women like crap. Instead, he remains the nice guy and patiently waits.

    I encourage all of the ladies to look around. Who have the nice guys been in your life? Is it about time you at least thank them or maybe, for once in your lives, do something special and deserving just for them? Maybe even consider dating the nice guy instead of Joe Jerk?

    As for all the Mr. Nice Guys reading this, do not fret. The things you do for women are not acts which go unnoticed. You are needed. You hold a special place in our lives and our hearts. I am convinced that it is the nice guys who will win. Just give it time because it is you who will be remembered, not Joe Jerk. And you are the ones who will eventually be king. You dont have to wait for that one girl and I dont mean that you should wait for sloppy seconds. Your girl will come, and you will be on top of the world. And when that happens, every girl who slighted you will turn their heads back, cast their eyes downward..and regret.

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